Absence/Medical Letter Downloads

If your child has been prescribed medicine during the day by the doctor but is well enough for school, we can administer the correct dosage. Please come to reception and complete the necessary consent form in the morning. The medication will be kept safe and administered when required. We do not allow over the counter medicine to be kept in school e.g. cough sweets.
• If your child has an ongoing medical condition, please make us aware at the earliest opportunity so that we can ensure all necessary arrangements at school are made.
• Contact numbers must be up to date at all times so you are contactable if your child needs to go home.
• We ask that medical appointments are arranged for outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, parents are requested to opt for appointment times either at the start or end of the day so students do not miss a whole day of school.
Parents are asked to complete a Notice of Appointment form alongside providing evidence of a medical appointment in advance.
Should your child feel slightly ill in the morning, please send them to school as usual. We will contact you to arrange sending them home if they are too unwell to learn.
If a student is absent, their parent must make the school aware of the reason before 9.30am and provide any further information that the school needs.
If you are running late, please make the school aware at the earliest opportunity.
Leave of Absence requests must be made in writing to the Headteacher where they will be considered.
We would request that these are handed in with a minimum of two weeks’ notice where possible to allow time to process all requests in a timely manner prior to the leave being taken. If this is not possible, the forms may be completed in certain circumstances retrospectively and parents are expected to make the Reception aware of the absence in the procedure above.
Notice of Appointment and Leave of Absence forms can be collected from the School Reception, downloaded from the school website, or we can email you an electronic copy to complete upon request.