Inclusion at Gerrans School.   

The DSEN ( Disability and Special Educational Need) Leader is Julie Elvy.

Should you have any concerns or queries about your child please book an appointment through the school office:

01872 580442 or email head@gerrans.cornwall.sch.uk

Who else can help if your child has DSEN?

Tel 0800 5878191

  • Parent Support Advisor.  Lyn Bell  07929365257


It is our policy to support every child in our school, from those experiencing learning differences to those who need a more challenging curriculum.

We aim to identify special learning needs as early as possible and all staff contribute to this process. The school follows the agreed Code of Practice for DSEN.  Individual Support Plans are incorporated into an ‘assess, plan, do, review’ cycle from the early stages and regular meetings are held to review progress and learning needs. We work closely with various external agencies, which provide advice, resources and expertise. Parents of children with special needs are kept fully informed of progress at all stages. The progress of all pupils is tracked and monitored on a regular basis, including higher achieving pupils.


The school is accessible to wheelchair users and has a disabled toilet and shower. The school uses a range of teaching techniques and resources to allow access to the curriculum. In 2008 we were awarded the Inclusive, Dyslexia Friendly Schools Mark. This was reaccredited in June 2012 and again in June 2015.   Please refer to our Local Offer document which can be downloaded from the list below.



 See the links below to help support your child learning at home and school.


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Cornwall Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association



Our Local Offer

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Our DSEN Information Report

Click here to find out what we did in 2015/16 to support our pupils with additional needs.

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