February 20

8th February 2021
Huge thanks to the Roseland Hardship Fund who have kindly provided us with Chrome Books to aid in learning. If any parents need a device to assist with Remote Learning, please contact us and we can loan you one.
Roseland Hardship Fund
The Roseland Hardship Fund continues to support individuals and families across the Roseland who are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 virus. Recently we have been working on supporting the schools across the Roseland in a number of different ways, but in particular, with the schools now shut again, to help them deliver the curriculum in the home with additional provision of laptops, tablets, and books. This initiative has also been supported by local businesses including the Idle Rocks Hotel, St Mawes Pier and Harbour company, Pasco’s Boatyard and St Just Charitable Trust.
We would like to thank all the individuals who have made donations to the fund over the last 10 months which has enabled our support program to continue.
Should you need financial support or know someone that does, please contact roselandassist@gmail.com or phone 07743 746215 (all in confidence)
If you or someone you know has a local business that is facing difficulties caused by the effects of the COVID-19 virus, please use the same email address to enquire whether the business might be eligible for an interest-free loan from the Roseland Financial Support Group.
Next Thursday  4th March is World Book Day .

To mark this event,  members of staff will read to you extracts from their favourite children's novels, during morning registrations all week.

Listen out to see if your favourite story is read. They may not reveal the title or the author but have other clues for you to help you identify which is their favourite story.