Sport Statement

At Gerrans our aim is to develop the child as a whole, ensuring that all pupils receive two hours of P.E a week and that they are able to access clubs outside of the school day. We also try to ensure that a large number of pupils have the opportunity to compete for the school at some point during the academic year.

We are constantly focusing on A.B.C skills (agility, balance and co-ordination), understanding that we can use them in all areas of sport. We know why it is important to warm up before any physical activity and can choose a warm up relevant to the lesson. Peer and self-assessment allow us to improve our skills and gives us the opportunity to praise one another for what went well. In our 'Sport' P.E lessons we focus on a different area of Physical Education where we learn 'teaching points' (T.Ps) which help us to improve our skills. At the end these units we compete in class matches where we are assessed on the T.Ps, teamwork, sportsmanship and our knowledge of the sporting rules.

We have a P.E specialist teacher who comes to us weekly to deliver high quality lessons. Our school has also bought into, and teaches from, the Real P.E and Real Gym curriculum. These schemes have helped us to focus more on the important A.B.C skills which provide a foundation for every sport that we participate in.

There are a number of different sporting opportunities that we offer outside of P.E lessons. These include: Year 6 Squash, Year 5/6 sailing and Paddle boarding, Year 3/4 swimming, class camps and Year 5/6 Bikeability levels 1 and 2.

All of this prepares us for the next step in our sporting education when we move on to secondary school.