Porthcurnick Class

Porthcurnick Class currently consists of 23 pupils in years 4,5 and 6. 
Our Learning Environment is an extensive space with opportunities for small group or whole class learning. We have chrome books to support our learning. 
Porthcurnick class have responsibility for daily care for Rodney and Reggie our school guinea pigs. 
Last year we had responsibility for Ginger, Pecker, Nuggets and KFC our four rescue hens.  However , these have now retired from school life and very soon we will incubating eggs to hatch our own chicks. 
Although we are a coherent class sharing the same learning topics; objectives and progressive skills followed will be adapted and differentiated for age and stage of learning. 
Wherever possible learning is enhanced with real life or outside opportunities. 
Year 4 ( as well as Y3 from Towan) learn to swim and Y5 and 6 have to opportunity for water sports on the Percuil River.  
Porthcurnick also have an opportunity to spend time together on a camping residential learning new skills and developing independence and resilience. 
Year 5 and  6 pupils are table captains at lunchtime taking ownership and responsibility for creating our family mealtime ethos. 
Mr Steward and Mrs Elvy really enjoy teaching Porthcurnick class and sharing many learning learning adventures with them.