Visions and Values




We would like Gerrans School to be a place where children,

teaching and non-teaching staff, governors and parents;


  • feel happy, secure, safe and stimulated


  • leave the building wanting to come back


  • feel respected and valued whilst respecting and valuing others


  • feel their ideas are listened to and listen to the ideas of others


  • are given the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, physically, socially and creatively


  • learn about themselves, the people and the world around them


  • can take a risk


  • can identify their own learning style and work both independently and inter-dependently make appropriate choices and understand the consequences of their actions


  • celebrate success


  • learn and apply skills


  • recognise healthy lifestyles and understand the implications of choices made



  • value the role of the school in the community and the role of the community in the school