Week Commencing 04th May

Home learning for KS2 week commencing Monday 4th May 2020

Hello KS2 children,

Mrs Elvy and I have decided that home learning for next week will be a little different. 

Instead of consisting of maths, English, science , topic etc. we are setting you a project; think of it as being like a curriculum task that you will complete over the 4 days (Friday is a bank holiday and school would have been closed).

The theme for your project is VE Day 75. This year, Friday 8th May marks the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day, the time when the Second World War ended in Europe.

While national and local shared celebrations of this anniversary have had to be cancelled there is no reason we cannot enjoy learning about this special event from our history in our own homes.

We would like you, along with the adults supporting you with home learning, to research and learn about V.E. Day. Some questions you could try to answer are:

  • What did V.E. stand for?

  • Did it mean the war had ended?

  • How did people celebrate? How did they celebrate in different places?

  • How did people feel? Did everyone feel happy?

  • What happened on V.E. Day in Cornwall? What happened in London? In places around the world that were part of the British Empire (now the Commonwealth)?

  • How did life change after V.E. Day?

  • Can you find any 1st hand accounts from people who were there?

  • What did Winston Churchill, King George VI, and the princess’ Elizabeth (now our Queen) and Margaret celebrate?

  • What was V.J. Day and when did it happen?

As well as impressing us with the V.E. Day facts you can discover you could also get creative and have some vintage fun! At the end of this document are links to activities such as making Union Jack bunting and planning a 1940s style tea party. Why not learn some wartime songs or dances (a bit like in our play, Jam). If you have the resources you could dress up for the occasion and invite your family to a ‘street party’ at home!

These together with links to support your learning about V.E. Day should enable you to really enjoy this project and produce some fantastic home learning. We remember how much those of you who were in KS2 at the time loved learning about World War Two!

We are excited to see what you produce. As well as presenting us with facts we really want you to have fun with your learning!Remember you can upload documents, photos and even videos to Google Classroom for us all to see. Also, we can share photographs to the school Facebook page where we have permission to do so.


  • The British Legion have a specific KS2 V.E. Day pack

  • Google ‘BBC make a difference’ to join in the Great British bunting activity

  • artadventurers.co.uk

  • Visit artadventurers.co.uk for the ‘big neighbourhood V.E. Day 75 family festival’

  • BBC Bitesize have learning resources on the topic, as well as ‘Bring the Noise’ music activities

  • CBBC Newsround will have programmes about V.E. Day

  • The historian, Dan Snow, will present lessons on the topic on the timeline channel on Youtube at 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • He also has a challenge for children, see ve-vjday75.gov.uk which you might like to take part in or get ideas for your project from

  • Poppyscotland.org.uk has resources aimed at children

  • The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have educational and artistic/creative resources for children

Have fun! Remember children, we’ll meet again!

Best wishes from Mr Steward and Mrs Elvy

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