Curriculum Drivers

Gerrans School Curriculum Drivers 

Representation - Language - Ambition 

Alongside teaching the requirements of the national curriculum, key drivers have been identified.  We use these 'drivers' to underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched. These key drivers are personal to our school while reflecting the social and educational needs of our local area at this point in time. They will be regularly reviewed and adapted accordingly.


We seek to provide opportunities throughout our curriculum to represent human diversity; opportunities to do so are woven through what is taught within our school. Furthermore, we challenge stereotypes so that our children recognise the achievements and contributions from all faiths, races, cultures and genders have made - and continue to make - to our unique and diverse world. We wish for our children to become well rounded, accepting and tolerant global citizens that are well-equipped for their own futures. 


We believe that the ability to communicate effectively is an essential life skill. We prioritise language development with a clear emphasis on building vocabulary in every lesson, developing oracy by ensuring that all spoken interactions are language rich. Talk is used as a tool for success in every lesson and beyond so that our children are confident and articulate  communicators. Explicit vocabulary instruction is an integral part of every lesson; it is woven into explanations, high-quality talk, the development of reading skills and opportunities for all pupils to articulate themselves confidently.


Ambition underpins our curriculum design and implementation decisions. We are committed to children realising their potential by being encouraged to be the best that they can be by aiming high and having aspirational goals for their learning. The school community understands that attitude, effort, belief and continuous improvement are part of the learning process and the route to success.