Online Safety

Keeping your child safe online has never been more important. We recognise the responsibility we have to educate our school community on how to use the internet safely. We acknowledge at the internet is limitless resource that has changed our way of life and is constantly changing. Online safety messages are woven throughout our school curriculum as well as being taught explictly in assemblies as well as in regular computing and PSHE lessons. The Jigsaw PSHE scheme, which we use to teach the subject, enables us to discuss online safety messages and raises the children's awareness of the need to stay stay while online. 
In addition to weaving online safety messages through our PSHE curriculum, we also teach explicit online safety lessons using the Kapow e-safety curriculum. These lessons are progressive in nature and teach age-appropriate online safety messages and content. 
Help for parents
As a parent, talking to your child about how to stay safe online and about their online lives is really important. Click on the links below to guide you further. 
Additional information on how to keep your child safe online
Online safety guides for parents