Physical Education


At Gerrans Primary School, we want all children to believe that they have sporting ability, and the 3 Pillars of PE are fundamental in this. We make sure to offer not just high quality P.E lessons, but also a variety of sporting and physical activities both in and outside of the school day.

Every year, pupils are taught the fundamental skills (motor competence: locomotor, stability and manipulation) which are constantly built upon and used within all areas of the PE curriculum. These skills are built on and used within a variety of different sports. Within these sports pupils learn the basic rules, strategies and tactics, to enable them to play with appropriate competitiveness.

At Gerrans, we aim to involve all pupils in healthy participation, giving them opportunities in their wider education to make informed decisions and connection between their health and activity. This is done through involvement in sailing, surfing, bikeability and active camps.


We use the Champions PE scheme, which has been developed by Rising Stars. Champions is a Sports, Fitness and Health programme for Years 1 to 6. It is an holistic approach to teaching of PE, which improves fitness, develops skills and deepens knowledge of health and wellbeing.