KS2 Reading

Reading in KS2 is taught daily and is based upon whole-class texts. We have carefully selected a range of texts (including classics, non-fiction texts and poetry anthologies) through which we deliver the KS2 reading curriculum. Our Reading Spine, which can downloaded below, lists the texts that children will encounter as they progress through KS2. 
We have developed our own pedagogical approach to reading (our reading routine) and this is used to structure our reading lessons. The reading approach incorporates:
  • Explicit teaching of new and unfamiliar vocabulary. 
  • Opportunities for the teacher to model reading aloud with expression and fluency. 
  • Opportunities for children to echo read, following the teacher's example. 
  • Paired reading. 
  • Opportunities for children to 'close read' a section from a text. 
  • Opportunities for children to silently read a section from a text. 
  • Acqusition of the key skills required to successfully comprehend text. 
  • Opportunities to respond freely to texts. 
  • Opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. 
  • Engagement with a whole text, not extracts. 
An example of what a weekly plan might look like is available to download below.