Additional Resources

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British Orienteering
For those of you looking for some physical activity ideas, British Orienteering has produced a number of resources which can be found by following the link below.
 A Chance to Shine - Cricket

This week’s session will be on Wednesday 24 February at 2-2.45PM and is called Skilful Scorer. It will support pupils to develop ball-striking techniques to support power and accuracy.

The activities can be completed indoors and to take part this week you will need:

  • A ball or a rolled up pair of socks

  • Something to strike with: a bat, a frying pan or a hardback book

  • 4 items to use as markers (cups, tubs, toilet rolls)

  • A target: a set of stumps or a rubbish bin

There will also be the opportunity to work with a partner but can be completed solo using a wall instead.

The session will be streamed on our YouTube channel: Subscribe to our channel to receive alerts when we go live in the future by clicking here.