Gerrans School Curriculum Overview

Gerrans School Curriculum Overview. 

As Gerrans is a small school with mixed aged classes.  Subjects are taught through a rolling programme to ensure National Curriculum Coverage during the Key Stage. However, progression  within each subject is progressive and builds on previous skills, knowledge and understanding. 

The tabs below highlight the curriculum intent, implementation and impact for each area of the curriculum as well as curriculum coverage and progression. 



Curriculum Overall Statement



  • Provide a full and varied curriculum to each and every child. Our Intent is to instill each child with a love of learning and to equip them to be responsible and resourceful learners.



  • Ensure all the children have equal access to the full National Curriculum. This will be achieved through giving consideration to their: age, stage, interest embracing local community and global issues.
  • All topics are underpinned by skills in reading, orally, writing and maths.
  • Opportunities are provided for learning beyond the classroom.
  • Teaching is high quality across the curriculum.
  • Adults within school are positive role models.
  • Teachers within the school share a collaborative approach to subject leadership enabling a practical understanding of learning and progression at each stage.
  • Children are provided with opportunities to develop their own skills to act as role models as they progress through the school.
  • The unique nature of our broad and rich curriculum is provided to all children in a carefully planned progression enabling them to succeed within our mixed aged settings.
  • The intimate nature of education within a small school community allows children and adults of all ages to foster supportive relationships.
  • Children are taught the skills of becoming a resilient learner in order to develop a positive growth mindset.


  • All pupils are ready for their next stage of their learning.
  • All pupils to have formed strong connections with their environment and community having an eagerness to explore and respect the wider world.
  • Pupils are physically and mentally prepared for their next stage of learning having spent the first part of their education in a nurturing and caring environment.
  • All children make at least good progress academically from their start points.

The National Curriculum is at the core for all planning and progression. In addition, pupils at Gerrans have the opportunities to...


  • Participate in whole school drama productions, with speaking parts twice a year, in front of an audience of friends and families.
  • Use the locality to support learning e.g. Beach, Church, Eshcol, Roseland Paddle and Sail.
  • Independently research and present Curriculum Tasks in KS2 and "Show and Tell" in EYFS/KS1.
  • Interact with visitors and community to support learning.
  • Fundraise for Local and Global charities e.g.  Harvest, Truro Foodbank  Farm Africa, RNLI, Coastguards
  • Participate in learning beyond the classroom. e.g. Newquay Zoo, Expedition walk to St. Anthony's and back, St Ives Tate Modern and Barbara Hepworth including travelling by train which was a new experience for the majority of pupils.
  • Horticultural and environmental work with Wild Roseland.
  • Caring and looking after school pets - Guinea Pigs and hens
  • Opportunities for Y5/6 pupils to take part in joint London trip with Tregony School.
  • Annual Residential KS2
  • Peer Tutoring across the school.
  • Access to online learning when necessary. 
  • Initial links established with schools in Punjab to share similarities and diversities in school, localities, daily life and cultures.